rising carbon emissions

Singapore is a city in south east Asia, It’s pollution level is one of the highest in the world. The government in singapore has limitations on the amount of private cars driven through taxes. When a private car is purchased in singapore the person has to pay up to 1.5 times the commercial value of the car to be able to drive it; not every one can afford these prices so this causes the amount of cars driven to decease. These taxes may help to decrease the amount of emissions from cars but the port of singapore is the 5th most busy port in the world. This constant amount of ships in the singapore port from all over the world more than cancels out what the taxes that the government put on the purchasing of private cars. I think that if other countries implemented the taxes that Singapore does then it would greatly decrease the amount of cars that add to the rising carbon emission problem.

Carbon emissions dont just come from cars and boats, they come from any form of combustion. energy plants(especially coal burning energy plants), and increases in deforestation are also large contributors to the rising carbon emission level. Without drastic change in the regulations on carbon emissions, this will be a hard obstacle to conquer. To upgrade a factory or power plant to lower carbon emission is very expensive and not alot of companies are willing to do it if not required.

Governments are taking steps to reduce the amount of pollution coming out of daily commuting, trade ships, trains, and other forms of transport, and on emissions from factories and power plants. In america Cars are inspected every year to see if the emissions levels are too high, and if they are you are required by law to fix your car. In india there are road blocks set up by the government to catch cars that have higher emission than the maximum legal level. There are precautions being taken by governments to lower emission levels, but the carbon emission level is still rising.


Carbon Emissions 

2013 9.9 billion metric tonnes (GtC)
2012 9.7 billion metric tonnes (GtC)
2011 9.47 billion metric tonnes (GtC)
2010 9.19 billion metric tonnes (GtC)


8.74 billion metric tonnes (GtC)  


8.77 billion of metric tonnes (GtC)  


8.57 billion metric tonnes (GtC)


8.37 billion metric tonnes (GtC)






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